AXC Commercial Brokerage.

AXC Commercial Brokerage. (AXC) is one of the leading financial-services and a well reputed brokerage firm in United Arab Emirates.

AXC is Consulting, Advising and Commercial brokerage firm that has trusted relationship with leading banks in the region of UAE.

AXC provides unbiased advice and cost effective options to the clients. Our client base is primarily Salaried & Self-employed individuals (both local & expats) & corporate houses. All our services are performed with complete transparency and in line with proper industry standards and legal procedures. We have partnered with many reputed banks to start some of the most successful business ventures in the UAE.


Pre-qualification” occurs before the loan process actually begins, and is usually the first step after initial contact is made.


complete an initial screening application with our sales team and provide all the required data

Opening The File

All information supplied by you (the borrower) is private, secure and reviewed at this time. Then a list of items not yet received is compiled.


the file is logged with financial institutions and best possible options are explored within agreed time frame

Our Services

VAT Consultations ( Value-added tax)

Our company has gained immense accolades in the field of providing VAT Consultant Service to the clients. This service is rendered by our experienced professionals keeping in mind defined industry norms.

Business Setup

We assist in setting up of business of prospective entrepreneurs offering various options depending upon the need. Corporate (formation of company) or non-corporate (partnerships or sole proprietorship) formation of trusts or society as per the merit of proposal.

Business Loan (SMEs)

Managing finance is arguably the most important component of any business. For SMEs, timely finance is the key to making the most of business opportunities.

Trade Finance

A bank overdraft is when someone is able to spend more than what is actually in their bank account. The overdraft will be limited. A bank overdraft is also a type of loan as the money is technically borrowed.

Fund raising against SBLCs and Financial Guarantee

SBLC’s (and BG’s) can be used to enhance your ability to apply for a line of credit with your bank; in other words.

Trade & Working Capital

Trade & working capital a commercial finance company, provides working capital and global trade financing services. It offers factoring service

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